Your Tenancy and Neighbourhood Officer (TNO) or Sheltered Housing Officer (SHO) is your point of contact for enquiries about your tenancy and neighbourhood.

To get in touch with your TNO or SHO, call our Customer Contact Centre on 01628 543101 or email them directly. You can find out who your current TNO is and how to contact them by logging into your account on our portal here.

Their principle responsibilities are:

  • Inspections of communal areas. These are normally carried out once a month in hallways, car parks, gardens and courtyards. We do this to make sure you are safe and that the area is a pleasant and enjoyable place to live. Notice boards can be found in communal areas displaying further useful information as well as the info here
    Please contact your TNO if you are interested in joining them on one of their estate inspections. 
  • Managing the income. We have to make sure that rents are paid so that we can provide all the services we do. Our role is to support you as well as manage our rents so that they are paid on time. 
  • Assisting you from the start to the end of your tenancy. We will keep contact with you after giving you the keys to your new home.  We will carry out a welcome visit or a number of tenancy visits if you are on a probationary tenancy.  We may also visit you to carry out a tenancy audit, updating you on any changes and providing support if your circumstances have changed
  • Managing your tenancy with Housing Solutions. Please ensure you are familiar with your tenancy agreement and the contents.  We will investigate and address any breaches to your tenancy agreement and agree ways to resolve this.  If you have any questions about your agreement please contact us.