• Why consider a merger?

    Housing Solutions is always looking for ways to best deliver our ambitions for great service to customers and more affordable homes for those in need. A merger between Housing Solutions and Bracknell Forest Homes puts us in a stronger position for the future and would allow us to fulfil our ambitions. The merger would mean that we would become East Berkshire’s leading housing provider, and allow us to substantially increase the number of affordable homes we can develop locally.

  • Who are Bracknell Forest Homes and why have we chosen them?

    Bracknell Forest Homes is very similar to Housing Solutions. It is based in Bracknell, and they own and manage a similar number of homes across Berkshire. They are an attractive merger partner as they have the same ambitions as us, to deliver the best possible service for customers and build more affordable homes in the local area.

  • What would happen to my tenancy or lease if the merger went ahead?

    In short nothing. There would be no changes to the terms of your tenancy agreement or lease. If you are a tenant you would have the same security of tenure and rights as you have now. All that would change is our name.

  • Would my rent go up?

    No, the merger would not result in any changes to your rent or service charges. It would change annually in the same way that it does now.

  • What are the benefits to customers?

    As a combined housing association, we could build more homes for local residents. We estimate this could be as many as one and a half times the number of homes we currently deliver.

    As a stronger, larger local housing association we will also be better placed to protect our investment in repairs and improvements to your home. A merger would also help us continue to provide good quality support to older and disabled residents.

  • What about repairs?

    There are no plans to change the way in which we would deliver our repairs service. We are committed to maintaining a highly responsive and efficient service.

  • When is is likely to happen?

    It is still very early days for both organisations and there is a lot to do before we can agree if the merger is the right course of action. We think, by working together, we could complete the initial assessment by July with the possibility of a merger on October 2017.

  • What will the new organisation be called?

    We don’t know that yet as we’ve only just started work on the initial talks and we’re at a very early stage in the process.

  • How do I give my views?

    We are keen to listen to the views of all our residents, and your views will be taken into account when a decision is being made. We will write to you again in April 2017 to explain the merger in more detail and to give you an opportunity to have your say.

    In the meantime, if you have any questions you can email us at questions@housingsolutions.co.uk.