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DLA, PIP and Council Tax


Disability Living Allowance will be replaced with a new benefit called Personal Independent Payment (PIP) for people aged 16 to 64 years. There will be two parts to PIP – a daily living component and a mobility component.

Awards will be assessed on an individual basis. The assessment for PIP will be done by ATOS Healthcare who currently carry out the assessments for Employment and Support Allowance.
PIP will be introduced for new claimants and those whose circumstances change from April 2013 and will be phased in for current claimants.

Council Tax

From April 2013 if you are of working age and claim council tax benefit, the amount of support you receive may be cut. This is because the Government is reducing the amount of money available and local councils will be running their own benefit scheme.

Please contact your local council for details. We will update this page to reflect any new information received about these cuts.